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I live in Seattle, Washington with my husband and 2 kids. I spend my days playing with legos, making trips to the playground, or working. And somedays I find time to make art. Those are always good days.

I’ve been selling my paintings for over 10 years in local boutiques and galleries. I’ve have also worked as a graphic designer for 20 years, both at design firms and running my freelance design business. This background definitely plays a role in my art. Each painting is a study in composition, color, and story. I try to combine little bits of lots of things into my pieces while still keeping it simple and clean. I like to layer hand drawn illustrations, small paintings I’ve done, my kids art, and found objects into one cohesive piece. I find it intriguing to combine these things and have them serve as a reminder that interest, beauty and amusement can be found in everyday objects.