Julie Jacobson &
Beth Goodman



JULIE JACOBSON was trained as a graphic designer with a minor in fine art. She has been selling her paintings for over ten years in local galleries and boutique shops, working as a graphic designer for over 20, and teaching art classes to kids. This background definitely plays a role in her art. Her current paintings merge art and design; each painting is a study in composition, color, and story and dissects our everyday conversations into something tangible. Julie lives with her family in Magnolia. She also tries not to leave, which is another reason Westerly is just the right spot for her.

BETH GOODMAN studied at the College of Saint Catherine, graduating with a degree in Studio Art and a concentration in Graphic Design. She has been painting, drawing and creating various media for over 20 years. She currently defines her artistic approach as abstract expressionistic. Working in encaustics, acrylics, oils and pastels, Beth's work is a collaboration between exploration and intention, an immersion into color, texture and abstraction. Beth lives in Seattle with her husband and their two children.